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FAQ for the Ladies

If you get awkward when the word vagina comes up, you might want to stop reading now…This post is dedicated to answering all of the burning (no pun intended) questions we get regarding females and float tanks.

I need to start off by saying that Vaginas are sensitive!! No matter your age, race, or dress size…vaginas are a delicate Eco-system that can be thrown off balance at the drop of a hat.

Among the questions “Do I need to bring a bathing suit?” and “How clean is the water?”, the third most common question that I get is “Can I float while on my period?”. Female health problems are not the easiest topic to bring up in person, so I wanted to address some topics from the privacy of your own Facebook.

First and Foremost!!!

You don’t need to cancel your appointment because you got your period. Floating can be so amazing for cramps, back pain, and other various symptoms that pop up when Aunt Flow makes her appearance. So YES!!! a resounding YES you can float when you’re on your period. Just make sure you treat it like a pool and use either a tampon or a diva cup while in session.

There are also a few things that can make the float experience better, especially where your lady bits are involved:

1. Use Vaseline. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. : We mention this in our orientation, but please don’t heed our warning. The first time I ever floated I had a male facilitator, and he didn’t mention a single thing about using Vaseline “down there” so why would I think to use it? Well let me tell you, I legitimately thought that floating and my body just didn’t agree or that I had a horrific STI. Neither was true and after doing research on the subject I learnt why Vaseline is so important to create a barrier. Needless to say I have been preaching it’s importance ever since.

2. Wait 24 hours after shaving and 48 hours after a Brazilian: We recommend not shaving or waxing 24 hours before your float. When it comes to getting a Brazilian I recommend giving yourself a full 48 hours to recover. If your skin is still pink, puffy or irritated DO NOT FLOAT!  Wait until it is fully healed, trust me. 

3. Float before you Fornicate: Sure sex is amazing, but sex can also create micro tears in the skin of your Vag that will sting while floating.  Make sure you have enough lubricant or simply avoid sexual intercourse the day you float just like shaving. 

4. Wait 6-12 Weeks Post-Natal: Allow approximately 3 months to make sure you are fully healed.  If it is less than 3 months please check with your doctor, physician or midwife. If you have been cleared for the activities in #3 you should be in the clear for floating.

5. Avoid floating if your Va-Jay-Jay is already unhappy: If things are already grumpy in your southern hemisphere, floating is not going to improve the situation. Let any irritation or burning from infections clear before floating.  

As women our hormones are constantly in a state of flux. Seasonality, menstrual cycles, illness. Notice where you are in your menstrual cycle when you experienced the discomfort.  If you want to give floating another try shoot for a different time in your cycle to see if that has any effect on the experience.  Also, if you have avoided any of our who-ha faux pas and you still have burning in your nether regions, please shoot me an email! I would love to update this post and learn something new.

I hope this helps! Happy floating ladies xoxo