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Let's start at the beginning

We are just about as local as it gets

Both Steve and Jessica were born in Fort McMurray as well as both of their kids. The idea for what would become Mindful Elevation was created in 2015. However, it wasn’t until we witnessed and experienced the effects of the 2016 wildfire did we commit to making it happen. We knew that we wanted our community to experience floating and we knew that we were going to be the first to do it in a commercial setting.

We didn’t want this to be just another thing that people could only utilize by leaving town. Not only did we want to be able to float more, we wanted everyone to be able to float more. Our goal is to bring an affordable modality of health and wellness that is available to every person during every experience. Legitimately anyone can float, and we think that is pretty great.

When To Go For A Float?

Coming off night shift? Go for a float.
35 weeks pregnant and cant see your toes? Go for a float.
Training for the next marathon or big win? Go for a float.
Suffer with chronic pain? Go for a float.
Just want an escape from your kids for an hour? Go for a float.

You get our point.

With the help of some very supportive people who believe in the power of floating and our community, we are proud to present an opportunity to elevate your mindfulness. We hope you love floating as much as we do, and may you always get whatever it is that you need out of every experience at Mindful Elevation.

Virtual Tour

Of Our Float Lab

A beautiful, comfortable environment to enhance your wellness.

We have a new look both inside and outside our ultra-modern float space.

Enjoy a brand new lounge area featuring comfy new seating and a sophisticated hydration bar.

Relax in our refined float cabins.

Turn off and tune-into yourself in a relaxing oasis.

Our Accomplishments!

We want to make sure you have the best float experience.

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