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Come float and enjoy a limited sensory experience like no other, giving you that deep physical and mental relaxation you deserve.

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“Floating” or floatation therapy isn’t new. Developed over 60 years ago during research, the float tank showed surprising, promising, effects that began a series of studies. It has been used by veterans, young people, workaholics, athletes and everyone in between. You may have heard floatation therapy referred to as REST (restricted environmental stimulant therapy). And you may know the tanks as Sensory Deprivation Tanks. Now a days however we like to keep it simple and to the point and just call them float tanks. And they are changing lives.

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Our float cabins are kind of like a perfect bathtub. They are about the same size as a king size bed and they hold about 12'' of water with roughly 1500lbs of Epsom salt. This allows a person to float effortlessly on the surface. The temperature is 93-95 degrees F, which is the same temp as your body, meaning you lose track of where your skin ends and the solutions begins. The tanks and rooms around them are insulated against sound and when you turn off the light, are completely dark. Your spine decompresses and your muscles completely relax, it's like getting a massage without ever being touched. Your just float there and it ends up being a condensed vacation for your brain.

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Our online booking system makes it easier than ever to get you floating. Click here to find out more.


Float packages starting at $59 / Month

Are you new to floating? Check out our Intro To Floating Package. Already know that you’re going to LOVE floating? Then become a member for only $59/month.


Newly renovated modern float space

Enjoy a brand new lounge area featuring comfy new seating and a sophisticated hydration bar. Relax in our refined float cabins. Turn off and tune-into yourself in a relaxing oasis.


Cleaning Protocols

We've taken our already rigorous cleaning protocols and kicked them up a notch in order to prioritize the safety and health of our clients and staff.

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My first float.. honestly not what i expected at all.. I kept thinking to myself "where am I ?" as I felt as if I drifted into space. Before i knew it i was in deep thought and let my mind wander. Excellent experience

Jacob First time Floater

Absolutely AMAZING! As a busy dad of 2, this was exactly what I needed to relax and decompress. Thank you, I will definitely be back again!


Thank you for offering such a much-needed space in our community! Floating has turned into an incredible addition to my mediation practice & self-healing journey. I am filled with gratitude



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